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Faster Servers Deliver Better Websites

Ivan Illich expressed it well, Modern man gets used to advancements and progress so easily, that there needs to be constant improvement in performance. He called this institutionalised de sublimation. Our dreams are fulfilled, so we need to dream bigger and better.

A decade ago websites used to load simple text in 15 seconds, now we demand complex graphics to load in a few seconds.

Better Servers Deliver What We Want- Instant Gratification

There’s more to it than that. Fast page load speeds let google know that your website is a high performance build, and ranks you better. Faster loading websites are a safer bet for google’s recommendation algorithms.

  • Page optimisation is an important part of our service.
  • Blindingly fast servers is another part of our solution.
  • Software management is integral to our service as conflicts and incompatibilities result in slowness or errors.

Websites that load fast are certainly what visitors want. Frictionless e-commerce is best served fast, and reliably.


Trust your website speed enhancement to us at WPconx.


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